Individuals need a Journey Agent

To help and inspire them at key times in life, such as:

  • Transitioning from one phase of life to another
  • They desire to reinvent themselves and re-define their place in the world
  • Longing and restless to be better, more powerful and happier
  • Seeking to find and express their life’s purpose

Working with Isisara offers opportunity to:

Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs that prevent you from realizing your greatest potential.

  • Discover your emotions as the guidance system to happiness and peace of mind
  • Learn how to reverse negative thinking patterns
  • Access your source of energy, clarity, passion and power
  • Experience the relief and joy of living more expansively and purposefully
  • Become deeply moved by the beauty, worth and poignancy of your own life.

Public Speaking & Events Schedule

Please check back later as we update Isisara Bey’s event schedule for 2016-2017.