Journey Agent: n. an intuitive guide, pathfinder and facilitator of empowerment and insight for the journey from where you are to where you would like to be.

I Begin By Listening

I am an excellent listener. I will hear everything you say – as well as the hidden messages you communicate. I will help you uncover the true motivations, fears and aspirations that may cause you to be misunderstood or to misunderstand yourself.

I Will Help You Effect the Change You Desire

I will help your team or organization effect the internal change in each person that must be accomplished to enable behavioral change. I will help you achieve authentic change and empowerment while respecting each individual’s dignity and integrity. I will enable members of the group to see themselves and others truthfully, and thereby create patterns for work and communication that will accomplish your goals.

Audiences Eagerly Engage with Me

Learn why national and international audiences engage with me for the experience of being challenged, reminded, entertained and educated in a new way, by what they see in themselves and in life. Discover the experience of being guided to transform because of and according to these insights.