Isisara Bey, Keynote Speaker

Isisara Bey’s keynote presentations range in target audience from entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses, young professionals in the business world, and those preparing for a work or lifestyle transition.

Whether its a public event like one of our workshops, seminars, or lectures, or at your organization with your department, your team, or your employees, or at a conference, Isisara Bey creates a container of safety where everyone can go deep and expand their awareness. Isisara takes you from where you are to where you want to be, and who you are, to who you were born to be. Let Isisara Bey help you discover the road worth traveling.

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Keynote Speaker: Isisara Bey

It’s Not What We Don’t Know, It’s What We Forget!

What’s the biggest enemy of success? Success! Businesses get most things right, until they don’t. Most people know the tenets of running a great business, until they let things slide – first just a little, then a little more.

This talk provides a refreshing take on the tried and true business-building precepts you already know but no longer use or use well. Plus you’ll learn new ways of applying them and get tools for holding yourself accountable on the road to success.

Believe In Your Business, Believe In You

It’s hard to believe in yourself if you don’t know who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer. Then even when we think we know, it’s difficult to articulate. But how can we sell our product, service or idea if we can’t put it into words that are concise and compelling?

This keynote uncovers some of the unwitting, entrenched beliefs that sabotage our success, highlights how to assess and activate overlooked accomplishments that can provide the key to future achievement, and offers insights into creating those concise and compelling words that can get you more business.

Watch Out for the Knives:

How to Navigate the Corporate Maze and Breakthrough to the Top With Your Career and Soul Intact

You’re in a medium-sized company or a large corporation with dreams of rising to the top.  But the path from cubicle to a corner office is an obstacle course of unclear work expectations, competitive co-workers and potential political faux pas just waiting to take you down.

In this keynote presentation, you’ll learn how to side step the landmines and let your skills set shine, along with the business principles and company culture signposts that can put a career on blast and transform young professionals into high performance leaders.

G2N: Getting to Next

For those preparing for a work or lifestyle transition

It’s a scary thing changing from one career to another, or moving from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. One minute you are doing work you know well, with people who understand and appreciate your abilities, and with a regular income upon which you’ve grown accustomed. Then life steps in with a downsized position, a relocated department, or a retirement earlier than you expected.

Or maybe you’re just ready for a new adventure. Whatever the nature of your transition, Getting to Next will help you set up for your future from a place of clear purpose, hopeful anticipation and personal empowerment.