Here are a few testimonials from audience members at the V-WISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Conference, Institute for Veterans and Military Families – Morning Keynote.

“Outstanding presentation!!! I’m working on improving my business pitch as we speak!!!!”

— Janice Johnson

“Her energy is inspiring! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity #VWISECharlotte

— Jamie Engelbretson

“I could spend the whole day sitting at her feet just gleaning from her wisdom #ignitedme”

— Novella Robinson

“90 seconds….start now! She provided great recommendations for your business pitch.”

— Jackie Williams

“Phenomenal insight, recommendations, sincerity and wisdom! Thank you for your leadership!”

— Shon Barnwell

“Isisara does an excellent job not only in delivering important content to startup and growth entrepreneurs, but also in helping us to establish that unique, supportive atmosphere.  This… leads her to connect with our audience on a personal level when she speaks, and allows her to deliver feedback and coaching in a way that empowers. She is an engaging, inspiring and truly sincere speaker and coach.”

— Kimberly Krula
V-WISE Project Manager

“Isisara Bey takes command of a room, and captivates her audience with her powerful presence and fascinating stories.  I have had the privilege of speaking on stages with Isisara at over fifty events across the country and at gatherings around the world promoting women’s business leadership. Isisara connects with people, they listen when she speaks. She will make your event, conference or meeting unforgettable.”

— Nell Merlino
Founder & President of Count Me In