The Good Stuff

Here are my recommendations for people, places, items and ideas to help along the journey.

I love listening to books, and Audible lets you carry a whole library right on your personal devices.  Need a mental boost, inspiration, or a pleasant diversion while you commute to work, clean house, on a long flight, or sitting in your favorite comfy chair?  Stories galore are right at your fingertips, just waiting for you to plug in your headset and click.

This app has a wide array of nature sounds, guided mindfulness and meditation programs, timed breathing exercises, and a selection of relaxing stories to promote sleep.  My favorite is the sound of Rain on Leaves, perfect for drifting off.


Are you sensing a theme here?  It’s all about stress reduction, centering and self-care.  I highly recommend regular massages, at least once a month.  Full body Swedish deep tissue, the limb manipulations of Thai massage, and reflexology foot massages are my favorites for soothing tired muscles and stimulating the pressure points for internal organs.